Writing your own CAN-Bus app in C for Raspberry Pi 2


This blog will show you how to write a basic CAN-Bus program in C for the Raspberry Pi 2 board.

Before you start make sure the drivers are installed and working correctly first.

Download the source code and example files by typing the following in the command prompt:

wget http://skpang.co.uk/dl/cantest.tar

Unpack the tar file and change into directory by:

tar xf cantest.tarĀ 
cd linux-can-utils

The example file is called cantest.c to edit this file, type the following in the command prompt:

nano cantest.c

Line 77 is the CAN message to be sent out.

unsigned char buff[] = "7DF#0201050000000000";

7DF is the message ID and 0201050000000000 is the data. Change the data to suit.

Press CTRL-X to exit.

To compile the program type:


Check there are no errors. To run the program type:


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