SBC44UC and MXD2R relay IO with


This project uses the SBC44UC with USB connection and the MXD2R Input-Output-Relay daughter board. The PC software is writtern in

The firmware inside the SBC44UC provides control of the MXD2R and communicate to the PC via the USB connection. The PC app is written in to allow control of the following:

  • Two relays: RL1 and RL2
  • Three Open Collector ouput: O4, O5, O6
  • IO type: Analog input or Digital IO
  • Digital IO: Select input or ouput. In output mode, select output high or low
  • Reading IO1 to 3, in either digital input mode or 10 bit analog input

Note: A 12v external PSU must be connected to the SBC44UC as the relay on the MXD2R is 12v rated. Click the Connect button before changing any IO line.

Parts List


Source Code

Source code for Microchip PIC PIC18F4550
Source code for PC app



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