Using serial LCD in I2C mode


This project is a demo of using the serial LCD module in I2C mode driving a 16×2 LCD with LED backlight.

The micro-controller driving the LCD2S is the PIC18F2480 on a SBC28PC-IR2 board but you can use any controller with an I2C Master.

The LCD2S must be set to I2C mode by setting the DIP switch at the back of the board to both 00 (off position). This will also give an address of 0×50.


Parts List

Micro-match cable



There two files are required to control the LCD2S module. They are i2c_lcd2s.c and i2c_lcd.h

The main.c give a simple demo of how to use the two files. It requires the Microchip C18 compiler.


The full source downloaded.


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2 Responses to Using serial LCD in I2C mode

  1. Ong Chu En on 26/11/2012 at 11:00


    Do you have any code display message from MSP430 using I2C?


  2. AY2J on 08/06/2013 at 15:50

    hello!! is there any working code for this board by spi using mikroc code?