SBC44UC to demo


This project demonstrate the SBC44UC with the Microchip PIC18F4550 to a app.

From the PC app. any text typed can be sent to LCD2S. The LCD brightness and contrast can be control by the slider. The keypressed are sent back from the LCD2S to the SBC44UC then to the PC. The two LEDs can be control toggle on and off from the PC app. A 10k pot is connected to RA0 of the PIC. This value is read by ADC0 and sent to the PC app.

The two push buttons S1 and S2 are used to put the board into Bootloader mode. To do this press andhold S1(bootloader) then press S2(reset). The PDFSUSB.exe from Mirochip can be use to program this board.

On the PC app. before any command to be sent the Connect button must be pressed first. This will establish communication to the SBC44UC.

Schematic for the prototype board

Parts List

Source Code

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