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Installing Kayak – CAN Bus Monitoring Tool on the Raspberry Pi 2


This blog is a step by step instructions to install Kayak by Jan-Niklas Meier on the Raspberry Pi 2.

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Installing Python-CAN for Raspberry Pi


This blog will show you how to install Python-CAN for the Raspberry Pi 2 for use with the PiCAN board.

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Writing your own CAN-Bus app in C for Raspberry Pi 2


This blog will show you how to write a basic CAN-Bus program in C for the Raspberry Pi 2 board.

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Installing PiCAN for Raspberry 2 Model B


This blog shows the steps required to install the software on the Raspberry 2 Model for use with PiCAN board

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CAN-Bus Data Capture with Wireshark on Raspberry Pi


This project shows you how to setup Wireshark for use with the PiCAN board to capture data on the Raspberry Pi.

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PiDuino PeekaBoo Demo


This demo consists of the PiDuino, camera, analog distance sensor, servo and NeoPixel.

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PiDuino NeoPixels and Analog Input Demo


This project demos the PiDuino with NeoPixels and analog inputs from three touch sensitive resistors.

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PiDuino Software Installation and Test Guide


After assembly the Arduino IDE software for the Raspberry Pi would now need to be installed.

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PiDuino Assembly Guide


This guide is the assembly instructions for the PiDuino Kit. The PiDuino enables the Pi to have real-time and analog capabilities.

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Using SL030 RFID Module with Raspberry Pi


This project uses the SL030 RFID module with the Raspberry Pi. This will allow the Pi to read the 13.56MHz Mifare RFID cards.

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