4-Channel Relay Board for Raspberry Pi Assembly and Testing Guide


The guide is for the assembly of the 4-Channel Relay Board for the Raspberry Pi. This board is also compatible with the Quick2wire Interface board.

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New Rev 2 Raspberry Pi Board


New photos of the new rev 2 Raspberry Pi.

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MCP4802 DAC Waveform Generation on Raspberry Pi


This project is a simple waveform generation using the MCP4802 DAC on the Raspberry Pi.

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Running rasp-config again on Raspbian for Raspberry Pi


During the first boot on Raspbian it starts a configuration screen but only once. How do you run this again?

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GPIO Traffic Light demo on the Raspberry Pi with Python or C


This is a simple GPIO traffic light demo on the Raspberry Pi. The software is written in C and Python.

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Using MCP23008 8-bit I2C IO Expander on the Raspberry Pi


This project is to use the MCP23008 8-bit IO Expander with I2c interface on the Raspberry Pi. The software is written in C.

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