FM25256-G 256kbits SPI FRAM, SO8 package, industrial temperature

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256K bit Ferroelectric Nonvolatile RAM
Organized as 8,192 x 8 bits
High Endurance 1 Trillion Read/Writes
45 Year Data Retention
NoDelay Writes
Advanced high-reliability ferroelectric process

Very Fast Serial Peripheral Interface - SPI
Up to 5 MHz maximum bus frequency
Direct hardware replacement for EEPROM
SPI Mode 0 & 3 (CPOL, CPHA=0,0 & 1,1)

Sophisticated Write Protection Scheme
Hardware Protection
Software Protection

Low Power Consumption
10 uA Standby Current

Industry Standard Configuration
Industrial Temperature -40C to +85C
8-pin SOIC

These chips can be mounted on the back of some Modtronix SBC boards (For example the SBC65EC and SBC68EC).

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  • Model: FM25256-G

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