Breakout for MAX7456 On Screen Display

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This is a breakout board for the Maxim MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display chip. The board is set up with all supporting circuitry and RCA connectors to allow the user to easily interrupt and overlay text and/or graphics onto a video signal (PAL or NTSC). Just plug in your video signal to "Video In", plug your TV into "Video Out", connect a microcontroller to the SPI interface and supply the board with 5V@100mA (worst case) and you're good to go. Supplied sample code runs on an ATMega168/328 (16MHz) and compiles with WinAVR, so it's just about "plug-and-play" with an Arduino board.


  • Input voltage 5V
  • Current consumption 100mA, worst case
  • 5V SPI interface

Dimensions: 1.8"x0.9"
Weight: 0.30 ounces, 8.6 grams


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  • Model: MAX7456-BRK

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