Acrylic Case for Raspberry Pi Designed by Adafruit

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Keep your Raspberry Pi® computer safe and sound in this lovely clear acrylic enclosure. We designed this case to be beautiful, easy to assemble and perfect for any use (but especially for those who want to tinker!) 

The case comes as 6 pieces that snap together, made of crystal-clear acrylic. This ingenious design has no screws or standoffs and there are cute little feet cut into the sides so that it stands up above your desk. You can use all of the connectors on the edges of the Pi: HDMI, Audio, Video, SD slot, micro USB power, Ethernet and the two USB ports. We also added a slot so that you can connect a 26-pin IDC cable to the GPIO breakout pins on the Pi and pass it though the case. For more advanced hacking, the enclosure is designed so that you can remove the top piece and plug any sort of cables you wish into the breakouts in the middle. The case is airy enough that no additional vents or cooling is required - we tested the enclosed Pi over a 24 hour period at full load with no significant increase in temperature. 

This product is licensed from Adafruit. A portion of sales go directly to Adafruit.

Raspberry Pi not included.


Raspberry Pi® is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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  • Model: RSP-CASE

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