Compass Module with Tilt Compensation - HMC6343

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The HMC6343 is a solid-state compass module with tilt compensation from Honeywell. The HMC6343 has three axis of magneto, three axis of accelerometer, and a PIC core running all the calculations. What you get is a compass heading over I2C that stays the same even as you tilt the board. Solid-state (and many classic water based) compasses fail badly when not held flat. The tilt compensated HMC6343 is crucial for those real-world compass applications. Who says robots have to stay flat?


  • I2C interface
  • 2 degree heading accuracy
  • All in one compass solution
  • Compass heading and tilt outputs

Dimensions: 0.8x0.8"


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  • Model: HMC6343-BRK

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