eRIC - easyRadio Integrated Controller - 868MHz

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The easy Radio Intelligent Controller (eRIC) radio transceiver module has a simple to use and understand easyRadio interface. It offers quality and high performance and uses a system on a chip integrated circuit that combines an rf transceiver with a microcontroller on a single chip.

  • ISM Frequency Bands 868MHz (UK & Europe), 915MHz (USA)meets ETSI (Europe) & FCC Certified (USA) requirements.
  • 15x20x2.2mm SMD
  • AES 128 bit data encryption offers secure communications.
  • Battery powered applications
  • The eROS Operating system can eliminate the need for an external application processor.
  • Pin compatible with easyRadio Advanced (eRA)†
  • Programmable User I/O
  • Temperature sensor built in
The eRICís processor memory is partitioned and embedded with a protected version of the easyRadio Operating System (eROS) that handles all the complex radio functions and eliminates the need for the user to program multiple control registers and understand their interaction. The other partition provides an optional user accessible application code area.


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