IMU 6DOF Razor - Ultra-Thin IMU

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There's a lot of punch packed into this little IMU. The 6DOF Razor makes use of ST's LPR530AL (pitch and roll) and LY530ALH (yaw) gyros, as well as the popular ADXL335 triple-axis accelerometer, to give you six degrees of measurement on a single, flat board.

All analog outputs of the gyros (1x and 4x amplified) and accelerometer are broken out to the 0.1" pitch headers. The gyro outputs have a full scale of 300/s, while the outputs of the accelerometer have 3g range.

There is no on-board regulation, so you'll need to provide a clean 3.3VDC power source, which will power all three sensors. All filtering capacitors and other components are included as shown on the pictures.


  • 2.7-3.6VDC power supply
  • Low power consumption
  • Pitch, yaw, and roll gyro outputs
    • 1x and 4x amplified (0.83 and 3.33 mV//s sensitivity, respectively)
    • 300/s range
  • x-, y-, and z-axis accelerometer outputs
    • 300mV/g sensitivity
    • 3g range
  • All necessary filtering components
  • Access to gyro's self-test, power-down, and high-pass filter reset pins


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