LPC-1766STK Development Board with LPC166 TFT LCD, USB EHTERNET,

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  • MCU: LPC1766 Cortex M3, 100 Mhz, 256KB Flash, 64KB RAM, Ethernet MAC, USB Host/ Device/OTG, x4 UARTS, CAN, SPI, SSP, I2C, I2S, ADC, DAC, TC
  • LCD NOKIA 6610 128x128 x12bit color TFT with Epson LCD controller
  • 3-axis digital accelerometer with 11 bit accuracy
  • temperature sensor
  • Ethernet 100Mbit
  • CAN interface and connector
  • USB host connector
  • USB device connector
  • USB OTG connector
  • two user LEDs
  • three user buttons
  • joystick
  • potentiometer
  • micro SD/MMC card connector
  • JTAG and TRACE connectors
  • power supply
  • RESET circuit
  • UEXT connector
  • Audio IN
  • Audio OUT
  • RTC battery
  • FR-4, 1.5 mm, red soldermask, component print
  • Dimensions:134.6x101.6mm (5.3 x 4.0")



SOFTWARE (available with the board purchase)

  • Accelerometer Demo - Basic use of I/O, timer, interrupt controllers, LDC module and the on board accelerometer EW-ARM 5.40
  • Audio Device Class - USB audio device class with one output and one input EW-ARM 5.40
  • Getting Started - Basic use of I/O, timer and interrupt controllers EW-ARM 5.40
  • LCD Demo - Basic use of the I/O, timer, interrupt controllers and LDC module for graphic and text drawing EW-ARM 5.40
  • Mass Storage Class - USB mass storage class with MMC/SD card drive EW-ARM 5.40
  • Simple periherals - Simple ADC demo, Basic use of ADC, Simple DAC demo, Basic use of DAC, Simple DMA demo, Basic use of DMA, Simple EMAC demo, Basic use of EMAC, Simple EXTINT demo, Basic use of EXTINT, Simple GPIO demo, Basic use of GPIO, Simple RTC demo, Basic use of RTC, Simple SSP demo, Basic use of SSP, Simple Timer demo, Basic use of Timer, Simple UART demo, Basic use of UART, Simple WDT demo, Basic use of WDT EW-ARM 5.40
  • uIP WEB Server - WEB server application running on the top of the uIP 1.0 TCP-IP stack EW-ARM 5.40
  • USB Host Demo - USB host masstorage class framework EW-ARM 5.40
  • USB Mouse - USB HID class (Mouse) EW-ARM 5.40
  • Virtual COM Port - USB communication device class EW-ARM 5.40

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  • Model: LPC1766-STK

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