mbed Prototyping Board with LPC1768

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This board, which works with the groundbreaking mbed tool suite, lets you create a functioning prototype faster than ever. The tightly coupled combination of hardware and software makes it easy to explore designs quickly, so you can be more adventurous, more inventive, and more productive.


  • Convenient form-factor: 40-pin DIP, 0.1-inch pitch
  • Drag-and-drop programming, with the board represented as a USB drive
  • Best-in-class Cortex-M3 hardware
    • 100 MHz ARM with 64 KB of SRAM, 512 KB of Flash
    • Ethernet, USB OTG
    • SPI, I2C, UART, CAN
  • Easy-to-use online tools
    • Web-based C/C++ programming environment
    • Uses the ARM RealView compile engine
    • API-driven development using libraries with intuitive interfaces
    • Comprehensive help and online community



Box Contents

  • mbed NXP LPC1768 Microcontroller module
  • License key for online tools
  • USB cable
  • Pinout card

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  • Model: MBED-1768

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