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Nanode RF is one such product based on the Arduino design. It shares the same choice of microcontroller, and so is software compatible with the Arduino IDE - but it adds a few more features which greatly increases the functional capabilities. To program the Nanode RF requires a FTDI breakout board and USB cable.

The Nanode RF brings the following changes/improvements:
  • Four – better spaced mounting holes.
  • Fully sealed vias for better soldering – less chance of solder shorts
  • Improved screenprint for better identification of connections.
  • Extra LED – for monitoring RF activity – or whatever.
  • 3V3 operation – but retains 5V compatibilty for use with Arduino shields.
  • mini B USB connector for powering at 5V.
  • Removal of screw terminals.

New Features
  • A Hope RF RFM12B transceiver for 2 way communications with other boards. 868MHz as standard, 434MHz optional. Please select Options below.
  • A microSD card for general datalogging storage, storing applications and webpages. microSD card not supplied.
  • A realtime clock IC with alarm function which also holds a unique ID. not supplied.
  • An 8 pin socket (under the H logo) to allow you to add non volatile RAM for program download. Supplied with 23K256 256kb SRAM and DIL socket.
  • An 8 pin SOIC footprint to accept an alternative memory device – instead of micro SD card.
  • Super capacitor for maintaining SRAM and RTC non-volatility, not supplied.

Optional Items can be fitted(not suppled)
  • microSD card holder. We don't stock this at the moment. Note the Style 2 socket does not fit on this board.
  • RTC, 32kHz crystal, super capacitor
  • FTDI Programming board and cable

Photos courtesy of @ichilton.

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