USB To CAN FD Converter

This board is a USB to CAN FD converter. It uses the Microchip MCP2517FD controller with a MCP2562FD transceiver.

  • Conforms to ISO11898-1:2015
  • Supports both CAN 2.0B and CAN FD
  • Arbitration Bit Rate up to 1 Mbps
  • Data Bit Rate up to 8 Mbps
  • 31 FIFOs configurable as transmit or receive
  • 32 Flexible Filter and Mask Objects
  • 32-bit Time Stamp
  • 120R termination via jumper
  • ARM Cortex M3 micro-controller
  • RGB LED indicator
  • USB firmware upgradable
  • Simple ASCII commands
  • Appears as an USB CDC device, no need to set baudrate

Sold Out
  • Model: CAN-FD-USB

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