ELM327 USB Install Instruction

1) Do not plug the ELM327xU Interface into your computer at this stage.

2) Download the USB driver at http://www.skpang.co.uk/downloads/Setup.msi

3) Run the Setup.msi file and accept the default file location.

4) Plug the ELM327xU Interface into the PC.

5) After a few seconds you should see New Hardware found and prompt for Files Needed

Click Browse and browse to C:\Program Files\SKPang\Serial Bridge Drivers

Click OK to continue.

Your virtual comm has now been installed.

6) To find out the comm port number of you Interface. Click the Start button on the button left hand corner of the screen, Settings, Control Panel. In the Control Panel double click the System icon, click the Hardware tab then the Device Manager button.

Expand the Ports icon. The line shows CP2101 USB to UART Bridge Controller (COMx). x is your comm port number for the Interface.